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Earn $1000s
with Client

Protect your future real estate sales & earn an introduction / referral commission for property management as we are not Realtors!

South Padre Island Airbnb, South Padre Trips

How Our Referral &
Introduction Program Works

1     Provide your contact info to South Padre Trips

Fill out the from below or simply email chad@southpadretrips.com or calling / texting Chad 512.825.2157.  Wait…not quite done you real estate Ninja…

2     You introduce your client to us

By either doing a text string of us all together, a three way call (best) or we all jump on a zoom, google meetup, or facetime for the introduction.

Simply “referring” their name/email/cell to us doesn’t count – we need an introduction. You do NOT have to sell our services that way, it’s just a friendly introduction. We do that heavy lifting.

We do not pay a commission for a name/phone number/email. Introductions lead to signed property managment agreements – we pay on those.

3      We Pay You

If your client chooses to sign a property management agreement with us, we’ll pay you a referral / introduction commission as a Realtor. 1 bedrooms pay $500, 2 bedrooms pay $750, 3 bedrooms + pay $1000. This is paid upon signature by your clients.

South Padre Island Airbnb, South Padre Trips

Why Partner with South Padre Trips?

1      Continue Working with Your Clients

If your client hasn’t yet purchased a property, don’t say goodbye to your sales commission; use us as a neutral third party expert while they are shopping to offer credibility to their South Padre investment choice.

We know nearly all properties & complexes on the Island, including possible HOA and rental restrictions. This keeps your reputation as a PRO intact, and keeps your clients away from pitfalls not knowing the Island like we do.

Chad is more than happy to not only run rental revenue estimates on properties they are considering, give advice you cannot find anywhere else at no charge to you nor your client. This develops deep trust with your client to you as their Realtor

Also…Chad is not a Realtor. Unlike 100% of every other Vacation Rental Management Company on South Padre Island, you do not have to watch your back on your clients being stolen!

When they’re ready to sell in the future, our Company will refer the sale back to you.

2      Get Rid of Your Financial Risks

Providing bad advice on sensitive matters like guest screenings, possible revenue and/or rental income estimates, insurance requirements, can land you in legal trouble later.

Don’t take on risks you simply don’t need. Let our team do the hard work for you.

3      Need a Contract? No Problem.

We want to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, and it’s important to us that you feel secure in our working relationship. If you’d like a written agreement outlining the terms of our referral arrangement, we’re more than happy to oblige.

4      Our Team Protects Your Reputation

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t partner with just any Vacation Rental Management Company who could end up doing serious damage to your reputation. At South Padre Trips, we go the extra mile to deliver for your clients.

South Padre Island Airbnb, South Padre Trips

How Much Could You Earn?

It’s not just your introduction commission!

How many clients are you in contact with each month that don’t think they need property management? How many request a recommendation for a company up front? 

Your future years of real estate sales that Realtors disguised as “Property Managers” will steal — your clients.

Total WE PAY YOU per property for our Referral/Introduction commission

Your future sales commissions (3%) you will lose on re listing these properties when these owners are ready to sell.

Total value of just 1 year of sending us introductions + using us as a neutral 3rd party expert to help you CLOSE MORE SALES!

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