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4 Must-Visit Spots When Camping on South Padre Island

South Padre Island

Whether you’re taking the well-deserved time off of writing my papers in school or work, camping is a fantastic way to escape the busy city temporarily. It’s a great way to unplug your devices and reconnect with your loved ones. This outdoor adventure also allows you to bask in nature’s beauty. 

Going to South Padre Island is one of the greatest sites to pitch a tent or camp in a recreational vehicle (RV). Besides the stunning nature, fun activities, and many incredible dining and nightlife options, this area is best known for housing many camping sites. 

If you want to enjoy your weekend better in this place, this article will enumerate four must-visit spots when camping on South Padre Island and provide some island insider tips. 

1. South Padre Island KOA

The South Padre Island KOA is a camping site accessible to all happy campers throughout the year and offers various accommodation options. This location has spaces for RVs, trailers, tents, and small cabins for rent. You’ll also feel comfortable here because it offers modern amenities like power outlets, Wi-Fi, cable TV, a year-round pool, a hot tub and sauna, propane, and a fishing area. 

Moreover, this site has a dog park for your beloved fur babies, and the campground has a lot of fun activities, especially during the winter. They have sunset socials, live music, and themed parties. 

Pro Tip: The campgrounds are also the best place to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, where guests can enjoy a free, delicious feast with turkey, ham, potatoes, and gravy. You can also bring a dish to share with other guests. 

2. Andy Bowie Park 

Andy Bowie Park is located on the Island’s northern side and offers many RV hook-up and tent sites. Unlike other beach areas, the crowds here are relatively fewer in the fall season.

It’s also a perfect destination for travelers seeking a peaceful and calm environment while accessing essential amenities. Moreover, the park provides several facilities like access to the beach, picnic and barbecue pavilions, beach house condo rentals, and a fishing area. 

3. Isla Blanca Park 

Isla Blanca Park has many convenient amenities that allow visitors to enjoy a comfortable stay on the beach. Like Andy Bowie Park, there are also areas for pitching tents and hooking up RVs. 

The park has also recently refurbished pavilions by the beach that offer food and equipment rentals. Moreover, there are walking paths and a launch area for boats. 

Pro Tip: While the campsite location can be stunning, remember that it can become hectic during peak season. You can avoid the crowds by visiting Isla Blanca Park during the autumn or on weekdays. 

4. South Padre Island Beach

You can camp on South Padre’s Island beach from Beach Access #5 and north, but you should pay for vehicle access. While two-wheel drive vehicles and RVs can access the first few miles, only four-drive cars can navigate the beach afterward. Despite the lack of amenities, beach camping on the Island offers some advantages like allowing bonfires, pets, and fishing. 

Pro Tip: While this area has no amenities and unreliable cell phone service, you must still educate yourself about the tides and weather conditions. You should also check out the shower and restroom facilities at Beach Access #5, where you can clean and relieve yourself. Moreover, it has a big dumpster where you can dispose of your trash. 


Camping in South Padre Island is one of the best ways to spend your well-deserved time off your hectic schedule. You can enjoy your stay here by finding quality but affordable beach condo rentals, visiting the campsites, and finding the right time to travel. 

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