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Chad Hart

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If you are a second home owner or investor on the Island & would like a combination of property AND vacation rental management - we are the best in the business. Chad & his staff combine complete property maintenance & upkeep with an aggressive, revenue focused approach on rentals.

Our office is located directly on the Island & super full service as we have maintenance, handyman, general contracting, housekeeping, & reservationists on staff to assist guests as well as take care of your home or homes. We believe nothing is more frustrating than not being able to call or email a company and not get ahold of someone you are paying.

Chad directly works with all owners – you won’t be delegated to someone out of State or that you can’t get on the phone. Thinking of investing here? Complimentary consult before you buy + we aren’t Realtors like every other South Padre Island Management Company.

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